Tupituqaq Full Show


Tupituqaq is the story of Maina, a young Inuk, who goes on the land searching for her grandmother (Ananatsiaq). On her journey, Maina is guided by mythical northern creatures, amongst them, Mahaha with its long hair and nails, who can make you laugh to death by tickling you. Because of her many talents, curiosity and wise attitude inherited from her ancestors, she is led on a path of self-discovery and unraveling the powers of magical seeds she has been granted. Tupiqtuqaq dances between reality and the dream world using contemporary circus, and traditional Inuit arts to create the worlds inhabited by the two main characters  and the strange creatures that share the tundra.

Creative Team

Minnie Ningiuruvik, Saali Kuata, Michael Nappatuq, Christopher Angatookalook, Mariam Imak, Charlie Makiuk, Aibillie Idlout

Staging: Rebecca Devi Leonard, Sylvia Cloutier
Circus Trainers: Gisle Henriet, Jérémie Robert, Alizée Desrosiers
Costumes: Olivia Pia Audet, Minnie Ningiuruvik
Scenography and puppets: Wanderson Santos Damaceno
Music: Joshua Goldman, Geronimo Inutiq
Project coordinator: Véronique Provencher


Tech Rider

Stage with the Italian format preferably
Minimum stage space 24 X 24 feet
2 headset microphones
1 standard microphone
Pre-recorded music
Projector for shadow puppets and projections
24 feet of ceiling to put the aerial rig structure or rigging point min 18 feet hi, on a pulley system

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