The Legend Monsters animation

Various Inuit Legend Characters are taking the street to surprise and touch the public by their uniqueness. 

The Characters

Mahaha: This tickle monster on bouncing stilts will tickle to death its victims

Qalupiluit: This marine monster lives under the ice, they trick their victims to catch them and bring them in their underwater world

Shape shifters: These contortionnist creatures change form all the time. We can recognize them by their vertical eyes

Giants: These hungry ogres dressed in fur will kidnap people to eat them

Puppets: These normal humans have changed size to become smaller. They have been kidnapped by the giants. 

Drum Dancer: With his qilautik, the drum dancer ponctuates the beat of the performance by drumming on his traditional drum; traditionally made from caribou skin and drift wood.


This walkabout animation can be done outdoors and indoors, on grass or on asphalt. This performance will be adapted to the space and will interact with the audience.

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